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University of North Carolina - Asheville Stages Thousand Kites Program

Virtual Tour of a Virginia Maximum Security Prison

Note:  Wallens Ridge State Prison (WRSP) has been "downgraded" from Supermax to Maximum Security

Thousand Kites Project

Up the Ridge:  A U.S. Prison Story 

Supermax Punishment:  A Visit to Wallens Ridge (by Mara Taub; Resist)

At VA's Toughest Prison, Tight Controls  (by Craig Timberg, April 18, 1999)

Report on Transfer of New Mexico Prisoners (Bill Sizemore, May 1, 2000)

Wallens Ridge Supermax Complaints  (Hartford Courant, June, 2000)

Wallens Ridge Receives High A.C.A. Accreditation (Jan. 2001)

Documents Show Use of Force at Wallens Ridge (July, 2001)

Conn. Moves Prisoners Out (ACLU, July 24, 2001)

$1.1 MIillion Settlement for Stun Gun Death  (2002)

Budget and Abuses Demand Closing WRSP  (ACLU, 2002)

Human Rights Watch:  REPORT ON RED ONION  (April, 1999)
The day I arrived I was...told that I was at Red Onion now and if I act up they would kill me and there was nothing anyone could or would do about it.

Human Rights Watch Statement To The Virginia Crime Commission

Amnesty International:  What is Virginia Doing to People?

PICS No. 3:  Human Rights Violations at Red Onion  (April, 1999)

Legislative Probe of Prison Practices (January 1, 2000)

Red Onion Prisoner Sues Over Hepatitis C Information (ACLU,, 2006)

Red Onion FBI Probe?  "Nothing is Happening"

May 29, 2006.  Roanoke Times reporter Lawrence Hammack reports that documents recently secured from the FBI reveal that a five-year old investigation into brutality at the Virginia supermax prison is stalled and appears to have been abandoned.

N.M. Attorney Charges WRSP is Concentration Camp
(American Almanac, May 29, 2000)

Computer Geek Headed for Red Onion? (April 7, 2007)